KULT's ÜberLeet Terrorists. Also "The Kult"
by ness March 26, 2003
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1. Variant spelling on the word "cult". Used in the metal music underground to describe music and behavior that is obscure or perceived to be obscure. Denotes alignment with status quo attitudes within the underground culture.

2. A catch-all word used by scenesters to justify absurd ideas, behavior, and according bands.

Also see:
Dude, the new (insert Blasphemy or Beherit variant here) is so fucking kult, dude!
by Anonymous January 5, 2003
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Originally a tongue-in-cheek social club known as "Kennedy's Ubeer Leet Terrorists", started by Sean "The Fucking Man" Kennedy of RantRadio.

Kult (also known as The Kult) has evolved since then, and is getting shit done, despite the fact that the founders consider us a joke.

(The joke's on them, though, because they've gotten us - www.thekult.info - confused with the now defunct TheKult.Net.)
The newest incarnation of KULT has gotten more stuff done in less time than SKTFM's KULT.

And TheKult.Net? Well . . . let me just say this: so much for the Five Ministry Plan!
by Guardian Vampyre Macavity January 6, 2005
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a group consisting on East Cobb teens in the state of Georgia. These teens have learned to quit all activities, hobbies, sports, or any other form of a social life to take part in kult activities. These activities include a minimum of 60 hours in east cobb park, dropping acid, and or fake fighting.
I was going to have fun at the park today until I saw the kult
by eastcobbprotector April 27, 2011
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"Yo is that a Kulte shirt youre wearing?"
by Fabio August 19, 2003
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A Member of a Kult such as a Harry Potter Kult, a marvel Kult, a Criminal minds kult, Zaddie Cullen Kult, etc who is a thicky slaying kween who runs the show.
Hotty 1: Hey, are you part of a Kults?
Hotty 2: why yes, I am a part of many Kults
Hotty 1: Me too! Are you a kult kween??
by ThickHotty4ever April 12, 2021
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