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Acronym for Kiram tu Dahanet - a Farsi (Persian) saying which translates literally to "My Cock in your Mouth"

However, it has evolved from an insult, to a noun, and even a verb in the right context. Much like motherfucker, there are many uses for this abbreviation.
Darioush: Yo, that chick you were with last night was hot, did you KTD?

Akbar: Yeah man, she was a freak. Good times.
by Shazdeh April 27, 2009
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Kids These Days= When someone does something stupid and is worth a headshake or a shovelslap you say KTD or text it
Gah sue why did you shit your pants?""KTD
by trevvyfitzy February 02, 2011
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KTD stands for "Katie Transmitted Disease"
A young crazy ShaWol teenager named Katie had started to spread her knowledge of pervertedness to little children and her friends. From that action, KTD's has spread all over the world.
Don't give me KTD! I already got it from Lauren!
by Little Miss Asian November 09, 2010
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Kissing Transmitted Disease. Any infectious disease that can be spread by kissing on the mouth. It can be as simple as a cold or as serious as mononucleosis or herpes (HSV-1).
I had to cancel our date because I didn't want to spread my cold to her as a KTD.
by Phan T0m September 29, 2009
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'Keen Twat Disorder'

Someone who is excessively keen about life events, even when they are not appealing to anyone else, such as fitness. They become depressed and lost when they are unable to commit to an unlimited amount of activities and are often annoying to the rest of the general population when they are trying to exert their keen-ness on unwilling others (more commonly referred to as 'normal' people).

Sufferers are often found enthusiastically partaking in any activity that's available, whilst other participants go to great lengths to avoid them due to over-bearing keen-ness. Side effects, include: lack or loss of friends, unnatural impractical skills acquired and high potential for psychotic breaks when keen-ness is not harnessed effectively.
"I'm so stressed because I don't have time to go to tiddly-winks this week, because I have hockey training, knitting national championship, horse riding, hair plaiting, youth gardeners society, rainbow volunteering, carpentry club, and I want to walk my gold fish before I go to the opera review meeting, plus I have decided to do our class project all by myself!"

"I think you have KTD"
by Dr Sheppherd October 28, 2013
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