Short for

Final kills/Final deaths ratio
Usually used in games where you can

Technoblade:”my FKDR is 0.1”
Me:”ur fkdr is low af
by UCn’FxStpd June 16, 2018
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FKDR = Final Kills to Death ratio

FKDR is used in hypixel to bedwars to measure "skill" (even though they ignore actually important stats like:

But of course final kills and star level is where the skill is honed.

Bottom line, if you have a high FKDR, you will get invited to many bedwars games because people think this means skill. In reality it means you probably just steal kills or main solos. If someone doesn't let you in their game because of this, don't worry because it is highly unlikely that it would be a fun game.
Kur0: 3/4 bw

Buunny: I can join

Kur0: whats your FKDR?

Buunny: Up your ass
by buunnyrainy November 13, 2022
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