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being a cool gurl that has control on a lot of things, and is loved by everyone and everything.
by me January 29, 2005
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Kill a bowl, to smoke Marijuana out of a bowl of a bong, bubbler or water pipe.
Kevin: Hey broseph you down to Kab later after school?
Nathan: Hell yeah bro I haven't smoked Mary Jane all week.
by Lieutenant Rofl November 08, 2016
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A verb meaning to talk about something that is very off topic. (Kabbing: Stop Kabbing Jason!, Kabbed: Haha, yesterday Jason Kabbed, Kabber: Jason is such a Kabber!)
Person 1: And then he said "The cheese doesn't go there!" Hahahaha!
Person 2: I love to open umbrellas
Person 1: Stop kabbing!
by kabberer April 10, 2009
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A Foreign food from the undiscovered country Muskin. This foreign food is one of muskin's priority food supply made of meat, ketchup, hot sauce, pees, Trix cereal, onions, garlic, and chocolate.
by Kenny Robbers December 10, 2010
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Keeping America Beautiful. Men balancing beer on their bellies. American flag miniskirts. Mutton chops. Porch ducks with changing outfits. Bare-bellied men mowing their lawns. Keeping america beautiful with that much-loved overabundance of wealth and carefree self-indulgent gluttonous beautiful joy. Oh America. How we have fought and died for thee.
"Man, you're new kitten tattoo next to the tweety bird and confederate flag...that's so KAB, man." (said with beer in hand watching American Gladiators)
by Notting Yarnley January 26, 2008
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