Internet term meaning "kinda laughing".

Created with the intent of bringing reality back to the internet. The term "LOL" has been retired in 2010 because people use it frivolously without actually performing the said action.
I saw a man trip while walking down the street today...k/l

Marcus: I tried kissing her but she tickled me with her mustache.
Malcolm: K/L!!
by boss_jones February 24, 2010
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Kayla likes Lorenzo but doesn't know if he likes her back.
girl: aren't Kayla&Lorenzo the cutest couple ever.
friend:K&L for life!!!
by mckaykay2239seidner December 18, 2018
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The MSN/Windows Live Emoticsons for Kiss (K), Heart (L), and Rose (R), whcih are is a Combo ow how much you love them for "Cyber-Daters"
Kelly: Hey babe im going to bed (K)(L)(R)

Jon: Goodnight darling, (K)(L)(R). See you tomorrow
by KekeL January 1, 2009
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"Look at", used by Ebay sellers.
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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I was keepin' it L-K, so my bitch wouldn't find out.
by Manson Wilger November 8, 2005
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This is the farthest reach of boredom, typing and going all-in with the double pillar technique. Congrats.
"Hey, what's your favorite word?"
"Mine's aqdeswfrdegtfrhygtjuhykijuloki;plo';p'zacdxsvfcdbgvfnhbgmjnh,kmj.l,k/;.l'/;'"
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k-o-l-t- it stands for knock you out like talia
You better sit down somewhere before I k-o-l-t you
by bruh_itz_taliak December 16, 2017
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