The name Jye refers to one who is perfect in every way. All that he does is greater than those around him and because of this it tends to make them either jealous or madly in love with him.

His ability to look and smell amazing at any time of the day has been said to be a personal gift from god.

Rumour has it he has access to more of his brain than most humans but chooses not to use it.

Above all he is fair and wise and should be listened to at all times.
Jye is rated by all women he has slept with as the best lover they have ever had.

Jye almost always wins everything he competes in, if he doesn't then this was a tactical choice made (make friends, boost others confidence)
by Manofknowledge January 10, 2012
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the name given to a little boy who is very special,kind caring, handsome, very out there. it is a manly name for when they ar older. and is so NOT a gay name!!
for someone who is very special to me :) his name is JYE
by angel1981 December 14, 2010
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Jye, a name that means, Jay bird in english origion and victory in sanskrit, pronounced (JY) and forms of Jai, Jay.
a very rarly used first name of usually a boy and never used as a surname.
Jye: a name...
by Spazmatica October 27, 2008
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A very fat male withOscars the fattest syndrome and no one likes him
Don't invite Jye to the disco he will ruin it he's a fat fuck
by Jason's dad January 7, 2016
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1. A Name Commonly given to gay man.
"I changed my name, the other day"
"what to?"
"Jye, Bob just was not gay enough"
by Jyetheman'sman July 13, 2008
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An emphatic way of saying "yes."
Do you want to hang out this weekend? Your answer better be "jyes."
by John Krzyzaniak September 17, 2007
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