Usually a male with blonde hair and talks about cock but calls other people gay
Joe: Hey look chad its a gay jye
Chad: RUN!!!!!
by BUXXXXX October 21, 2020
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an asian that is in love with tony snell
Dude i love tony snell. Guess is should be a Ying-Jye
by 1234576862 March 22, 2017
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When do hiroshima nuke type shit in your friends bathroom destroying the walls as you shoot your white stream
Holy crap dude i just did a dirty jye in your toilet
by Junkinmytoddlerstrunk October 29, 2020
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A person who will come and rape you then go and blame his friend. Also likes to tell important things last second which can be very helpful.
Person 1: Hey stop raping me! don't John.
Person 2: My name isn't John its Bob.
Person 1: Stop being a Li Jye.
by Bhangra... May 2, 2009
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hi i am jye. i am super unfunny and i love men. i especially love men who's names starts with an e and rhymes with edward. i love giving and receiving rimjobs. i worship chloe, who is a goddess and my favorite person on earth, she is so funny and always right and good at everything.
i hate jye

jye sucks. chloe is definitely better
by jye is my super idol November 28, 2021
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has the nicest body is very good looking and has the biggest dick
by Jye November 24, 2021
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