Wow.. justyne.. a girl that’s always there for you no matter what. You can hurt her so bad but she will always be there for you. But that’s the thing don’t hurt her she is not like any other girl. She is so different. She is beyond different. Other girls will want you for one thing. But justyne. Well justyne wants to cherish you. She will love you no matter what. Her loyalty is thick like peanut butter. Her trust is always their. Don’t even get me started on her personality. It’s sooo rare. You’ll never find that in another girl. Her humor is all time the best!! Trust me!! She is THAT girl. She will play video games with you, talk to you late at night if you want to talk, joke with you, play sports read books cook and just be herself with you. She is shy but once she gets to know you trust me it’s like heaven! Don’t hurt her either. You’ll never find another girl like her trust me. If you were to loose her or do her bad trust me you’ll hang on to her because she has that special something about her you can’t let go. Always tell her she is worth it even when she doesn’t feel it. Trust me! and please if you meet a girl named justyne or know a girl named justyne DONT. LET. HER. GO
any person who meets justyne or knows justyne: MAN I LOVE THIS GIRL!
by Kobe Bryant 124 October 16, 2019
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When you impulsively buy an unnecessary, expensive item out of nowhere.
Mary: Omg I just impulsively purchased a Gucci belt.
Bob: You just pulled a justyne... again!
by JPGoldmanStanley October 08, 2018
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