1. A man with a ridiculously huge cock in both with and length
2. sexy body and amazing eyes
3. Just hearing his name makes you wet
4. women want to do him and men want to be him
5. the best father you will ever meet
ex1= I have to go change my pants that Justin got me so wet!
ex2= man whispers "justin"

women " take me now! I want it!"
ex3= women "take off your pants...," "Damn I didnt know you were hung like a Justin go get some lube!!!"
by Christina Chewy July 02, 2010
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The most awesomest kind of person there is in the world.

Has no flaws whatsoever.

Loves and gets along with everybody.

A Beast, anytime, anything, anywhere.


Errbody love him.
Wow, I wouldn't have screwed up if I were Justin.

Why can't I be Justin, I'm jealous, I'm gonna kill myself now.

Not everyone comes out as a Justin.

My parent's knew I'd turn out like this, but not this good, that's why they named me Justin, I exceed expectations.
by Nambolicious November 08, 2011
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A tall, intelligent & talented athlete, usually blonde with greenish-hazel eyes. Known to be very popular in group settings, he is also very caring and generous to those he loves. With incredible good looks and impecable taste in music, he is very articulate and is not afraid to bust out his patwa when necissary.
Did you see that cute white boy snapping in pawta?!! He's such a Justin!
by skittlessssssssssss August 12, 2009
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An amazing person, who no one can stop thinking about once they've met him. Everyone loves him, and thinks he is the awesomnest, and of course: loves everyone in return. The most amazing person I have ever met, and I can't wait to return to him, once more. Likes to wrestle.
Hey look, it is Justin. I love you, Justin. You are all mind consuming.
by Bexter loves Justin July 10, 2010
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a male who frequently adjusts their crotch/genitalia no matter who is looking or where they are.
Justin, quit adjustin!
(my boyfriend's name is Justin:))
by shunned April 09, 2010
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Massive bicep, hot, shy but all you have to do is get him out of his shell...HOT
Hey, that guy is a total Justin
by Alpaca lover September 16, 2011
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One of boundless kickassery. Reliable and loyal to a fault.
Man, Justin is so reliable and loyal! He kicks ass.
by trick5150 August 31, 2010
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