Massive bicep, hot, shy but all you have to do is get him out of his shell...HOT
Hey, that guy is a total Justin
by Alpaca lover September 16, 2011
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someone who is very sweet and who cares about you! he is a gentelmen and is wild! but, can be very loveable!!! who is also very hot.
1. i wish all men were like justin!
2. he must be a justin he is hot and wild!
by superchick89 June 20, 2009
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Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful.
1:Hey, honey
1:I bought you some flowers
2:Your such a Justin, I love you!!!
by Justin Majors September 28, 2007
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The best boyfriend the world has ever seen. an elite category of boyfriend that is extremley rare if not only one existing (n)

adverb form - Justinly
That girls boyfriend is terrible, too bad she doesnt have a Justin.

Hes the best boyfriend ever!! IM MARRYING HIM!!! HES SO JUSTINLY!!!!!!
by portugalgirl! January 20, 2010
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cutie, greatest lover ever, hottie, sweet bf, best guy ever, funny, respectful, he's mine!
Justin-usually paired with haleys
by Ihaleyloveyou! February 22, 2010
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He is my dad and I love him soooo much.He has always been their.No matter how bad we are he keeps on trying to provide for us and to make us happy.If you ever have a chance to have a Justin in your life then you are the luckiest person ever.
My friend:Whos nice dad is that
Friend:whats his name
by kaylie ๐Ÿ’• June 27, 2019
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justin is someone who can be so sweet your heart melts to the biggest asshole you hate.he is kind when he wants to be and will go out of his way to make sure your comfy or you have enough money,but will turn around and tare your heart out and step on it with his mean comments and rude outbursts. he love attention and the eyes of everyone in the room on him.will go out of his way to make a sence.has a horrible temper with rage burning in his soul.but the brightest loving eyes you can look in forever and seem like they never end,its great with children and has a soft spot for animals. he is selfish in bed but still makes you want more.he likes to scare you with the extreme, loves to hear you scream. he love to show you new thing you've never seen.he cant sit in one spot for long, must have something to do. he is handy and can fix anything from cars to your heart.when he is pissed off breaths very heavy with a stiff upper lip and un willing to stop the fight ,loves to make things worst.he will try to make thinks better after time and him calming down.justins are completely a love hate person .there charm make you stay and love them there stubborn and hurtful ways make you hate them. they will frustrate you till you have just nothing left but keep you where they have you wanting them and longing for then forever.it takes a strong headed women to love them and keep with it! for all the women dating or married to justins all over the world.all of us should admire you and your strong will! and you kind hearts for all your journey with them! so if you want to date a justin buyer beware!
justin,make you cry on your brithday
justin,rip the wires in your car out so you cant go somewhere
justin,never see's your parents
justin,can make you cry when they are kind
justin,like to surprise you out of now where
justin,can make you smile no matter how mad you are at them
justin,need to be cuddled to sleep

justin,have strong hands
justin,eat like horses
justin,love the adventure of life
justin,has lots of friends

justin,love to make people laugh
by theresaw-edm,alb,ca June 24, 2009
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