The sweetest guy in the world who is selfless, kind-hearted, and faithful; yet he doesn't even realize it because he is humble, not stuck up. He deserves the best and somebody who can make him happy. He's smart and loves to write. Usually tends to be shy, but when with close friends can be carefree, hilarious, and sporadic.
Justin is da bomb-diggity!
by TheForgetfulOne December 26, 2011
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hella smokin hot guy that can rack the ladies like coats. but is kind enough to choose one at a time.
Person one: Damn! i never seen a brother pull in so many ladies at once, though i wonder if hes a player or a Justin?
by DarkAngel2012 November 28, 2010
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justin is the name of a man who has a heart of gold and the soul of anangle. he is romantic and sensual and knows how to treat a lady. justin is compassionate and brave, loving and caring, but best of all hes hilarious! ladies if you ever find yourself a justin dont let him slip away they will satisfy you in everyway possible these men are rare to find.

justin is the best of anything you could ever have in this lifetime.
justin is an angle sent from above.

justin has such a pure and rare soul.
by rumikosatoh88 July 11, 2012
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A boy who has a cute crooked smile, always can make you laugh, dirty sense of humour; adorable laugh. His facial features are cute, and you can always look up to him. Whenever you feel down, he can cheer you up.
Person one: ugh.. i need some comfort :(

Person two: Call up Justin!!
by toborom March 09, 2010
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-One of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. Any girl would be lucky to call him hers. He's very thoughtful, handsome, hilarious, and adorable. Although he is shy, once he starts to open-up, he will become a great friend. Man of every girls' dreams.
by emuhlee_b October 16, 2011
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A lazy person who is smart but is too lazy to use it
Guy 1: oh man i can easily get an A on todays book report but i dont want to star.

Guy 2: You are such a justin.
by Sky blue August 19, 2009
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