A minecraft loser who cares too much about vaping and is like 45 years old.
Justin has small pp
by squidwardcoochie69 November 03, 2018
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a Justin is a very sexy guy without a doubt, who attracts the girls like they're fucking flies on SHIT. he is very sweet, and has the body of a damn panther. like mentioned before, VERY VERY sexy.

he might not get the BEST grades, but everyone knows that he really is smart. he can be a player with girls at times, and flirts alot, but he mainly has his eye on this one girl.

he goes for the hot girls, with the nice ass, big tits, etc. and normally has a huge cock ;)

he has many friends, and gets along with most people, except for the ones who piss him off or try to steal his girl.

and i take back what i said before, he can be sweet MOST of the time? NO, he is always sweet (:

but keep in mind that THIS justin, he is TOTALLLLY different from the Biebs.
Justin Bieber:
(in a high squeaky pussy ass mother fucking voice) BABY, BABY, BABY, OH !

normal Justin:
(in a nice manly voice) ...yo.
by alice ryder <3 December 21, 2010
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1. A man with a ridiculously huge cock in both with and length
2. sexy body and amazing eyes
3. Just hearing his name makes you wet
4. women want to do him and men want to be him
5. the best father you will ever meet
ex1= I have to go change my pants that Justin got me so wet!
ex2= man whispers "justin"

women " take me now! I want it!"
ex3= women "take off your pants...," "Damn I didnt know you were hung like a Justin go get some lube!!!"
by Christina Chewy July 02, 2010
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A man who is simply beautiful; inside and out. Someone whose smarts, passion, and kindness will take him far in life. He makes you smile when seemingly nothing else in this entire g-dforsaken world can. He enjoys to drink, and he is a super-talented musician. If you get to experience the joy of knowing this man, you are truly amongst the fortunate.
Is that lovely man with the guitar Justin? Yes, that's Justin, he's simply wonderful.
by nobodygirl July 17, 2011
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Justin is the perfect name to get your friends on a โ€œdeez nutzโ€ joke
Hey man Justin said he was going to whoop that ass!

Justin who?

Justin case you want to suck deez nutz! Got em!

Man F you!
by ashane March 18, 2019
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People named Justin are very smart, but sometimes they use their "smarty" side on unnecessary subjects. They tend to be very stubborn and mean at times, but they eventually gain your friendship. Sometimes they can be very funny or they can be a devil. When they feel bad for themselves or if they are made fun of, they will act very sad and mad at the same time, especially over text. Although it is very humorous when they get mad.
That Justin is just wants things to be his way, but he is still my friend!
by soMEboDy anOnYMOus February 23, 2017
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The most awesomest kind of person there is in the world.

Has no flaws whatsoever.

Loves and gets along with everybody.

A Beast, anytime, anything, anywhere.


Errbody love him.
Wow, I wouldn't have screwed up if I were Justin.

Why can't I be Justin, I'm jealous, I'm gonna kill myself now.

Not everyone comes out as a Justin.

My parent's knew I'd turn out like this, but not this good, that's why they named me Justin, I exceed expectations.
by Nambolicious November 08, 2011
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