An amazing talented singer. He's adorable and sweet no body really knows him. He's very nice to everyone and respects women. An amazing person and an inspiration, a role model to alot of people great dancer too. Just an amazing person in all.
Oh he's so cute!

Yup, i know. That's Justin Bieber!
by BillyBobbybobby July 22, 2011
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An amazing, Canadian, 17 year old guy who is talented, gorgeous, funny, smart, humble, loving, non-pretensious, and hot!

Performer of songs such as Baby, One Time, One Less Lonely Girl and Eenie Meenie.

Has a loyal army of Beliebers.
"Let me show you what you're missing: paradise"

Listener: Justin Bieber!! Biebergasm!!
by TrueBelieber96 July 09, 2011
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a 17 year old kid, who had a dream and made it happen. All the girls love him for his hair, but personally i think he is awesome for his story. Stop judging him, you obviously only know his name, NOT his past. Also known as Selena Gomez's boyfriend. An incredibly talented and famous singer who has an awesome fan base. They call themselves "beliebers." If you watch Never Say Never, and still hate him then beliebers will give you a little more respect. But don't hate until you know exactly WHAT your hating. anyways, he's a pop singer with a huge heart. <3 love you bieber
Dude number 1: "I hate Justin Bieber 'cause i think my girlfriend likes him more than she likes me."
Dude number 2: "Oh ya dude i used to feel the same way, until I watched Never Say Never. That guys a beast! I totally see why your girlfriend likes him!
by justindrewbieberfannnn December 06, 2011
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Justin Bieber is very hot but he is also a good singer. if you want to diss someone, you should probably meet them first before you start judging. just because you think he sucks, doesnt mean everyone else does. just because you dont like his love songs, doesnt mean everyone else does. if you dont like him, dont listen to his music.
Rocker: Who's justin bieber?
Pop Girl: A singer
Rocker: oh okay, thats cool

Perfect world where everyone wouldnt judge music :)
by Addie<3 July 11, 2011
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A 23 year old pop star from Canada,, 457 nominations, 356 awards, over 90 million fans, 11 billion views, 7 number one albums, 3 world tours, 1 Grammy, 2 movies and 8 guiness world records

girl 1 : Omg, Did you get Justin Bieber tickets for the stadium tour ?!

Girl 2 : No,, I'm so upset and I camped out all night. They sold out in minutes :(
by Jbxxxxxxx August 11, 2017
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Tuesday, March 1, 1994; 12:56 AM at St. Jude's Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada; 7lb 11oz, Justin Drew Bieber was born.A 23 year now,he became famous in 2009 and his first song was “one time“.A lot of people used to make fun of his voice and hair cut and called him gay and in 2014 (the fall) when he went to jail he lost a lot of fans,he probably lost the fake ones because the real ones stay no matter what.in 2015 (the rise) he released the purpose album and a lot of people started to support him and some new fans came but fake fans yo cuz like some of them don’t even know the song “back pack” but anyways he keeps on getting better and better and now it’s 2017 and he is the most famous person on earth :’) oh and he is really hot and a nice person too,Hurt me and kill me but don’t you dare go near him.
Me and my belieber friends: *DANCES AND JAMS TO HIS NEW SONG*
by bellsmaikes September 24, 2017
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A young talented singer who deserves to be there,i know alot of girls like him for his looks beside that he has a beautiful voice, he's just a ordinary boy living his dream like any other young singer,People can think what they think but he's with selena gomez, so get over it.
guy1 - er i hate justin.
girl1 - dont say anything bad about justin bieber because you dont know him? he's very beautiful, i know he's not perfect but seriously?leave him alone.
by TazmanianDevilxo September 18, 2011
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