A low key but passive aggressive way to tell someone your angry with them
I just think it's funny how you said you had family plans but then went to Josh's party with Sarah
by Taco time eater July 9, 2017
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a girl says this when she wants to explain how she does NOT find something funny. if your texting a girl and she says this block her and move state.
99.99% of the time she does not find it funny
tyrone: hey olivia, hows your sick mother.
olivia: shes ok, i have to take care of her shes so annoying, i just find it funny how....
tyrone: *moves to a different state, nukes the current state he was in and blocks olivia in all the social media he has because he is dont with her shit*
by om telolet om March 14, 2018
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A joke that is "just not funny" is a really crap joke that only the person saying it finds funny. It is quite often a dad joke or a joke that is poorly timed and inappropriate for the situation it is said in. It's different than a dry joke in the sense that even the mostist lube couldn't make it wet.

"Just not funny" is also a way of describing a really salty dry person, who could really do with marinating in some moisture.

It can also be used off hand to aggregate people with residing hair lines.
by xelA.2 January 4, 2018
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