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Balov is a name given to those who are notably superior to everyone else around them, mostly when it comes to intelligence, physical strength, and perseverance.
James: God damn it, I keep losing to that asshole Jack!
Jonathon: Yeah, he's a real Balov
by om telolet om September 17, 2022
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a girl says this when she wants to explain how she does NOT find something funny. if your texting a girl and she says this block her and move state.
99.99% of the time she does not find it funny
tyrone: hey olivia, hows your sick mother.
olivia: shes ok, i have to take care of her shes so annoying, i just find it funny how....
tyrone: *moves to a different state, nukes the current state he was in and blocks olivia in all the social media he has because he is dont with her shit*
by om telolet om March 14, 2018
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