A phrase used in the movie "Fired Up" by Sylvia (Marg Harshman) who says very weird sayings and right after says "I'm just saying"
Person 1: What does the other team have that we don't have?
Person 2: Better cheering, hair, ass
Sylvia: Big Ass titties
Person 1+2: What?
Sylvia: I'm just saying

Sean: Let's be cocky bitches!
Everyone: Yahh!!
Sylvia: I want to cut the blonde one
Everyone: What?
Sylvia: I'm just saying
by imjustsaying266 November 22, 2009
Something you say when somebody points out that something you said is basically redundant or obvious, whether they put it bluntly or subtly, as if to remind them that there was no harm in saying it.
Guy 1: "Yeah, Meta Knight is a pretty hard character to deal with in Brawl."
Guy 2: "There's a reason he's S-tier."
Guy 1: "Just saying."
by KrikenLiberal April 21, 2015
A person who does things "just to say" they are but they're really not.

John is the epitome of an asshole, but sometimes he's nice just to say he's nice because he's trying to impress someone.
by hooligan mooligan December 30, 2010
Used when someone does the exact opposite of what you just told them not to do. Often used in alarm when someone does something irrational and doesn't think about their action until afterwords.
Tom says : Wait for the water to start boiling then put the Pasta in
Timothy puts the pasta immediately into the pot without waiting
Tom looks at Timothy blankly and says : What did I just say?! I said to wait.
by Varrick86 June 4, 2019
The ULTIMATE catchphrase, used by the ever-popular, yet imaginary, Daniel Shine.
Person 1: "Did you just say penis?"
Person 2: "Uh, no..."
Person 1: "Are you sure?"
Person 2: "...Yeah."
Person 1: "'Cause I could've SWORN you just said penis! WHOO!"
Person 2: "...You suck."
Person 1: "WHOO!"
by Dean March 27, 2005
Insulting someone, while still being polite.
Guy: Tiffany's ugly as shit.
Guy 2: wait, what?
Guy: I'm not saying, I'm just saying
Guy 2: eh, guess you're right. She is pretty fucking ugly
by Aimy M. April 11, 2014