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This is a phrase often used when a person is being accused of something or is said to offend someone unknowingly, while stating something.
Sarah: "Your shirt is Purple"
Lyndsay: "No it isn't"
Sarah: "It is Isn't it Alex?"
Alex nods.
Lydsay(frustrated): "Whatever it's not a big deal."
Sarah: "I'm just saying"
by CCWoodson December 03, 2008

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1) Approved of by Jill "kate" Fritz

2) Very very AWESOME.

3) A word that is indescriable.

3) Has lots of Symbolic meanings to it.
"That is so Fritztastic!"

"This paper is definitely Fritztastic."

"I dunno, it's kinda Fritztastic."

"This book is definitely fritztastic."
by CCWoodson December 15, 2008

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