Jurassic Park- a bar or club where the 50 and older crowd hangs out. Usually filled with people who have had multiple divorces
Dude, don't go there, it's Jurassic Park! Nothing but old heads.
by Rookie Sensation July 11, 2021
A magical cinematic legendary historical sales shattering golden polished (1993) film that will never be forgotten
Dr. Grant... My dear Dr. Sattler, Welcome... To Jurassic Park... Lovely wide shot of a valley of the park, full of Dinosaurs
by Jordan Quill April 24, 2017
A place where y frickin die!
Bob : Don’t to to Jurassic Park

Joe : you can go because I want you to die!
by Ian Malcum March 22, 2018
An outdoor place where the elderly congregate; such as an outdoor market or a park.
"Why are all of these fogies gathering here? This place is becoming such a jurassic park!"
by benben42 February 16, 2010
Jurassic Park, adj. Synonymous with 'cash back'.
'That's a million pounds --- Jurassic Park'
by alan partridge January 19, 2003
A pretty good book, a pretty average film, and some pretty bad sequels.

Welcome to Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen...
"Wait a minute, why did Crichton's follow up book, The Lost World, seem to change what happened to most of the characters to fit in with the events of the first film?"
by OD Smith April 12, 2005
a group of middle aged or older people, usually at a bar
Can't go to the pub tonight, once bowling gets out it's like juraasic park there
by tom ferrek March 11, 2004