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Fuck Your Classmates Day, any subject u fucking hate, if u hate school u get to do anal
“hey man, i heard your mom passed... whatever dude u get to fuck samantha tomorrow”

“wait, what?

“dude tomorrow is june 25 fuck your classmates day!”

“fucking g, come here man! i forgive u for fucking my ma”
by natehiggerslebronmynigger October 19, 2019
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Bro Did you know what day it is?

No what?

Its National Eat Her Asshole Day, June 25
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If you where born on this day then ur like the best person ever, ur beautiful, funny, smart and your only flaw is that u look to good . Your most likely to be friends with people born in January or September and the main number days that ur friends are born on are 8, 12, 20 and 31
Wow she’s amazing, her birthday must be June 25
by FAJETAS November 5, 2020
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Interational pet-your-cat day. Keep calm and pet your precious kittens. It can be some real cats, or a genetically engineered catgirl/catboy, or your beautiful boo, everyone who is as cute as a little kitty you should caress today.
- hey, i dunno what day it is.
- oh dear, it's june 25 today. international pet-your-cat day. you should be ready to be petted
by melissatea October 15, 2019
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Kiss that boy you like day. Go ahead and smooch him. Cheek or lips it doesn’t matter. Go get him girl!
I’m sad.

Don’t worry tomorrow is June 25 so you can kiss Brady.
by Hehehe man June 25, 2021
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Only queens are born on this day and the bad ones too
Sandy:She looks like a badass queen!
Kyle:It’s because she’s born on June 25
by July 24, 2021
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