A classmate is an unreliable human being.
Classmates are a herd of those chaotic life forms that abide by hierarchy and anarchy both at once.
Unreliable ppl that hog the bathroom butt only when you need it the most.
A class is known to be a government experiment testing the limits of today's youth.
by Bob Bobberson Junior February 26, 2021
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People who you work with in your school class. Also sometimes very bitchy and making music.lys
Your classmates help you with a retarded quiz from yesterday.
by wehbfjhawbfiabja February 7, 2017
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People that annoy you all day and where you fake smiles to when you actually just wanna slap them so hard that they cry but you cant cause you have to put up with those bitches for a long time and you will be so happy and never miss them when you leave.
Mom:”honey you have to meet your new classmates today” me: “I cant wait to meet the bitches i have to put up with this year”
by Mister Good Looking August 10, 2020
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1. People who steal attention from the teacher (who hates you anyway) so that they can ask unrelated questions and be idiots.

2. Idiots your age or around your age who enjoy annoying, molesting, insulting etc. the teacher

3. Crap that knows how to talk for some reason
"Ask the teacher how babies are made and see what she says! soooo funny!"

"Brb sexually harassing my teacher"

"Hows about we have a threesome at recess?"

"I don't understand why I got in trouble for raping my teacher"

"Have you ever had group sex with classmates?"

"Classmates can be really annoying!"
by Anna Lynn Sanders May 13, 2010
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Some random idiots that are in the same class as you, but yiu suprisinngly get along with eachother.
Yall make fun of eachother ALLOT

They are weird and spam you tiktoks all the times also that one emo-tomboy girl who is a pick me and says that the teacher adopted her iuhyxedujyd3tk <3
The peopel that are in your class are called classmates.
by Kylee Tyler March 23, 2022
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Totally random person who just happened to be in the same class as you.
"It's Jo..... whatever and he's my classmate."
by MrBober April 19, 2021
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A person in a class who gets forced to do all the group work themselves. Someone who gets 'walked all over' in the group as if they were a mat.
That classmat created the entire presentation themselves, but the rest of the group still got the credit!
by Kiwix606 July 17, 2021
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