the day where the baddest bitches are born
Tim: “Hey when where you born?”

Hannah: “March 15th, why?”

Tim: “Oh, your a bad bitch!”
by rise n’ shine retard October 19, 2019
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The day Denzel Crocker lost his Fairy God Parents in 1972
March 15th is the day when Mr. Crocker is at his meanest
by brianbuddy2 ACP November 16, 2018
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March 15th is the day when you have to suck your boyfriends cock an than switch to riding him and for the finish suck him again!
“Hey, what day is today?”
“March 15th!”
I have to go see my boyfriend!!!”
by titanusthethe March 15, 2021
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People born on this day are probably the best thing that could happen in your life. Not only do they are good listeners and patient but asking them for advice is always the way to go, both objective/honest and considerate you won't waste your time having 'deep talks' with them...

Those people always try to make you smile and bring out the best from you even with little means such as compliments or daily actions, this is what makes them so comfortable to be around : they think but are light and naturally outgoing. Of course, they are also really fun and enjoy laughing to dad jokes as much as they do making them, not to mention they're also big meme enthusiasts (cats ones). A person born on this day shines with their beauty but their charm is on another level for real. Don't forget how precious they are and try showing them how important they are to you <3

ps : they also got their 'darker' side but won't show it easily so let them open up
"- He's really the best person I've ever met !
- oh and when is his birthday ?
- on March 15th"
by asmodeussupremacy March 13, 2022
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National fuck the hell out of your partners day
Hey sweetheart happy March 15th better be ready to celebrate later :)
by That Person123 March 15, 2021
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Judgment day. The day our hero, Brenton Tarrant, sacrificed his life in the name of us to keep Europe white.
1: Hey, did you see what happened on March 15th?
2: Yeah, they forgot to subscribe to Pewdiepie.
by Vanessa#6923 April 17, 2020
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Spider day, in reference to the song Spider On The Wall by Ghost.
"Found on March 15th, transparency, this isn't me.."
by sayfuzzypickles April 14, 2019
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