The most kick ass race of barbarians ever. It is a proven fact that the gauls invented testosterone, they not only managed to complety ruin Caesars army but also marched onto Rome itself!
Usually seen fighting either naked or clad in the meanest, souped up chainmail forged in Gaul itself. Weapons including really big fucking swords and two handed axes. The Gauls, like many Barbarians at the time, had armies heavily built out of cavalry which would complety bbqpwn any infantry formation from the flank or rear. Also plenty of roaring was used in their tactics to make the enemy shit themselves.
The Gauls were the meanest, toughest and most hairy barbarians out there and a race that would be ashamed they turned into France.
Vercingetorix was a Gaul and chieftan of the Arverni tribe who lead a revolt against Caesars army in 52 BC. He also enjoyed grinding rocks between his pecks.

Holy shit a Gallic soldier! Run for the hills!

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a country that existed in the early to late middle ages in modern-day France, barbarians did live there, except they did not invent testosterone, and they didn't pwn anybody, they were actually little suck-up bitches to the Romans, and for awhile were their ass slaves. They were proud to turn into the dirty French people of today, who the entire world hates... even the French themselves

NOTE: Completely disregard the above definition, it was written by a drunk homosexual... while he was high on cocaine... I am ashamed to know him personally
Person 1: What existed in the area of modern-day France?
Person 2: A country filled with a bunch of sissy barbarians that were ass slaves to the Romans... it was called Gaul.
by DarkMunkey July 20, 2006
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A cabal leader that attacked the city during the Red War to claim the light for himself.
We have to stop Gaul!
by MovableFormula December 13, 2017
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'avoir la gaule' = 'to have a hard-on'
J'ai la gaule, elle est trop bonne cette meuf.
by Marianne January 18, 2004
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Derogitory term for the vagina, more comonnly used in Irish marijuana smoking circles.
"Aw man, I woke up the other day and had gauls on toast"
by DPaulius August 16, 2006
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Pierre of Gaul is a legendary warrior who fought for the freedom of Regina Saskatchewan from the tyrannical queen of England. Pierre and his Gauls fell to the army of Regina on July 11, 2020. He and all of his forces were executed on July 30, 2020. Pour one out for the Gauls. Or so we thought, Pierre somehow avoided death and is now planning a second invasion of Regina. THE GAULS HAVE RETURNED. JOIN PIERRE’S ARMY. MARCH TO REGINA AND TAKE BACK THE MOTHERLAND. THE MARCH BEGINS JANUARY 14th.

"Did anyone just hear the Gaul army war cry?"

"Beats me"

"What if it was the ghost of Pierre of Gaul?"

"Beats me"
by Sunflower Man January 10, 2021
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