juice- respect, power

juice- aclchol, fuel
"you got the juice now..."
-Juice by tupac, omar epps

"you bring the juice to the party"
-battary power
-fruit juice
by thug_b June 12, 2005
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Slang term used by electricians for electric current.
"OK Frank, I've wired up his gonads. Turn on the juice."
by Bob Sometimes May 12, 2005
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a woman's liquid that comes from the vagina when extremely turned on
When he licked my pussy my juices began to flow.
by Lady Blue November 03, 2007
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When you are irresistible to the opposite sex. In some cases, if you have extra juice you are irresistible to both.
Candace: "Ugh another guy at work wants to take me out, idk why. I don't even acknowledge them."
Nicole: "You got the juice ma"
by NThot March 26, 2014
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Common slang for Vigorish, or simply "the vig," which is the fee--usually a percentage--charged by a bookie on all bets. Another term commonly used to mean the same thing is "the take."

According to Wikipedia, vigorish is derived from Yiddish slang originating from the Russian word for "winnings," vyigrysh. Bookmakers use the concept of a vigorish to generate earnings from their books regardless of the outcome of the event being bet on. However, there is no standard formula for calculating vigorish though they are generally formulated so the bookie receives equal action on both sides of the event, therefor having a "balanced" book.

In the U.S. "the juice" can also refer to the interest on a loan/debt--generally in relation to a loan shark.
With a 4.55% vig, the juiced odds require a gambler to lay $110 in order to win $100, while using fair odds the gambler only has to lay $100.

You've got until Friday to pay up; meanwhile, the juice is running.
by smackhero June 15, 2008
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Meaning that something or a certain situation is to one's liking. Same as the saying "cool"
Say man, i got some hoes comin over later for us!

O, okay. Juice!!
by Daddy D DOUGH March 07, 2009
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