a fake juggalo whore, thast gay.
dude ur such a juggahoe go fuckin die.
by XxjugglettensexyxX April 25, 2007
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somebody who wants to be a juggalo but dont know shit about the fam, the carnival, and the path to shangri la, there just bitch ass fuckers that dont know shit tryin to fit in, it dont make any sense though because me and my juggalos are all outcasts and we DONT fit it and we DONT die
jhmember123@yahoo.com, fuckin juggalos, ill kill you all

rileyrajala123@yahoo.com (juggahoe) man im not a juggalo dont come kill me, (5 seconds later to other yahoo member "im the most down ass juggalo youll ever see, fuck all haters)

robganzbrown123@yahoo.com (juggahoe) IM NOT A JUGGALO jhmember123 PLEASE DONT COME KILL ME I PROMISE ILL BE YOUR BITCH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE (5 seconds later to juggalo ill kill any hater out there, fuck it there is no god)

tonyseaberg123@yahoo.com (juggahoe) OMG DONT KILL ME IM SO SCARED WHAT CAN I DO ?!?!? MMMOOOOOOOMMMMYYYY!!!!!

juggalo420srh@yahoo.com (me, real motha facko) haha, come try and kill me bitch, im down with the clown till im dead in the ground, as long as i keep an open mind and follow the path to shangri la, stay loyal to my family, and follow the carnival, there is nothing you can do to kill me or even hurt me, cuz WICKED CLOWNS NEVER DIE, you gotta problem with me or my family solve it in reality not over the internet, MMFWCL to all my homies out there
by juggalo420srh August 11, 2009
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a dumb ass bitch that trys to be a juggalo but ends up droppin out of the family and becomes a 9 to 5 dumb ass pussy bitch... if u dont paint ur face at least afew times and throw it up alot in a year then i say ur a dumb bitch that wishes they could be a real juggalo
1.if u listen to icp for a month then stop
2.if everyone around u says ur a juggahoe and u stop listening to icp because of it
3.if u haven't painted ur face at least once a year for however long u have been a juggalo
4.if u dont addmit to being a juggalo when u r asked
5.if u r not one of the people that say "fuck ya i am a juggalo"
6.if u have ever even spent the night in a mansion "10 un-used rooms or more" then ur a juggahoe
7.if u have never even seen a faygo ur a juggaho
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