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Someone who’s nice and an overachiever. Anxious and full of love <3
Me: Yo Juani how u doin

Juani: HAhahahah good I guess
Me: okay
Juani: I didn’t sleep at all last night

Me: what
Juani: what
by Ireallywanttosleep December 05, 2018
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The most gorgeous girl of all. Who will always be on top. Juanis will always surprise you with a 4.0 gpa. She is very smart and has lots of friends and family who love her and adore her. She is kind and humble as a leaf and honorable as a princess
Omg have you met that girl Juanis she is so sweet.
by Janita December 13, 2017
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Someone to whom is extremely uneducated in incapable of wiping there own ass
Jeez that guys in such a fucking juani
by CoolBradeyTheGuy February 18, 2019
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