The man, The legend, This brave soldier was defeated in combat, The legend goes A man with beautiful and pleasing to look at eyes named Jovan and a vastly horrid to look at beastly figure named tabitha, this man had his soul sucked out of him by the clutch of the devil, she gripped firmly onto his reproductive organ and yanked forcefully, it had begun, yet it had not ended, his life was visibly torn violently from his pale, slim yet muscular corpse, the Malevolent witch had stuck fear into any man that dared to cross paths with her, fortunatly this act was caught and brought the demon to justice, may our fallen soldier live within our hearts.
May jovan be brought to justice once again
by Your Local Storyteller March 22, 2019
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A guy that is extremely excellent in playing pubg. Girls just cant get enough of him . Just the mire sight of him turns girls on. He is incredible in 1v4 clutch. A guy who you can't help fall in love with.
I want to be a Jovan. Your playing with Jovan? Lucky!
by TitengIyakin June 13, 2021
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Jovan is that one hot ass kid that every girl likes. His also that kid that is not stright
The tree look like Jovan
by March 10, 2021
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The European man that only a plabbashy person can own. A property of plabbashy kind of people.
Person 1: Hey, I wanna date jovan!
Person 2: You can't, the plabbashy will come after you! You're dead girl!
by February 07, 2021
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