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To be jumpy or anxious to do something. Most commonly it refers to situations involving fighting or violence, but it can also refer to any situation involving someone anxiously wanting to do something.
Johnny was feeling froggy, so he drove to the city to find something to do.
Tyrone was feeling froggy, so he jacked Jamal in his ugly face.
by Maldini April 30, 2008
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The worst character in the video game Sonic Adventure 1 (Dreamcast) and Sonic Adventure DX (variety of platforms). You play as Big, a fat cat and you fish for a frog named froggy. Fishing for froggy is the worst part and can take up to hours, days, weeks, months or even years to catch froggy. You need to catch froggy 5 times, 4 stages and a boss. Froggy is the worst character and you should stay away from him and Big the Cat.
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by lyroo January 18, 2018
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When you are feeling froggy, you are feeling amorous, aroused, or horny. Essentially, you want to jump someone.
I hope I meet Dale tonight, I'm feelin' froggy and would like to have some fun.
by Rohvannyn March 01, 2011
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Froggy-to feel lively or perky; Usually hinting towards the use of intoxicants.
My my, feeling froggy today huh? It's not even 4:30 and you're fried!
by Brock April 11, 2004
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