a upward karate chop to the armpit; also known as the jovi
Our tour guide, Lilian, was practically asking for a jovan, the way she kept her arm raised the entire trip.
by Tractorman Humphrey April 23, 2006
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Jovan likes to fight. He is always laughing and calling people dizzy. Jovan is a real character. Jovan likes to talk about nonsense.
Guy1: Did you see jovan?
Guy2: yeah he tried to fight me today.
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by E.H-_- August 31, 2018
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A jovan is one of the most retarded shits in the world, loyalty,friendship and honesty have no meaning to him.
he will sell u out and boast about it he thinks all the girls like him but in reality he is hated by everyone

he is a retard ass motherfucker who thinks he is good but is actually a piece of shit
Have u heard of Jovan?
oh yea he's the twat who sells people out at will
by hot boii 69 October 10, 2018
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A person who is stupuid and playful .Likes a girl named julia.Always getting getting into trouble but does not care.
Who put this in my locker?! You know it's jovan.
by Rebecca lim September 09, 2020
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A mind blowing woman who is fun, sexy and an amazing fuck.
Jovan is such a hot piece of ass she is likely to be taken already but you don't give 2 shits because she's hot as fuck.
She'll be the best fuck you'll ever have, if you date her, keep a tight leash on that bitch or others will try to fuck her too.
Some dude: "OMG I met this bitch at a party and my dick's been hard since!"
Another dude: "Was her name Jovan?"
Some dude: "Yes!"
Another dude: "Good luck, took me 2 weeks to get over that slore."
by Pet3rSydn3y October 17, 2019
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HE IS BROKEN EASILY!! He is sensitive in a way that he can seem fine but really he's not. If some girl tells him "This isn't working out..." he might just say "Okay...." and leave, But he's having a breakdown in his mind. But he's caring for his friends and can focus on many talents at once.
Hoe 1" Omg I should play with Jovans feelings"
Random person "NO he's already broken from Cassandra!"
by Camila!!!! December 07, 2019
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A indo Canadian who is heavily in to drug trafficking. He will occasionally get in trouble with the cops, he is involved with the biggest gangsters in his town. He is well know in his town everyone knows him. Jovan has a beautiful girlfriend. Jovan can make anyone scared of him everybody at school fears jovan
Jovan is notorious
by Jsjsjs23 October 06, 2019
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