A derogatory term used to insult a Russian communist dedicated to excessive exercise.
"Dammit Greg. Stop being a fricking Jovan. You gotta come hang with us."
"That guy is such a Jovan."
by The White Splasher May 13, 2018
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Jovan a little East Indian boy who has three blueberry farms and he will get his cousins after you if you don’t eat his Surrey curry I hope you can eat a twelve inch cause they will shoot you. Battgatta
Person: Hey Jovan wanna come over?
Jovan: No, I have to pick blueberries.
Person: Makes sense.
by 1@;&2&@/&;$3@&:&:9&:&; November 22, 2018
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a lonely clowns carcass who pulls 1 out of 600 girls and that 1 girl he payed.he acts like hes jamican but really he a white joe.hes also ugly as shit
oh wow he failed to pull another girl
your as ugly as jovan
by kermitlikeschickfilA March 12, 2019
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A very short person with a head bigger than the continent of Asia and an ego twice the size of his head. This person thinks he is always right in an argument and it’s impossible to argue with them because they talk so loud
Omg that guy has a huge head, he must be a jovan
by Guard of Rome April 21, 2020
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