Case High School is a school in the ritzy and snooty town of Swansea, Massachusetts. Case has about 500 students that like to brag about how much better they are than people in the shitty cities close by like Fall River and New Bedford. The school does all right in SAT scores and stupid shit like that and is known for it's volleyball team and a huge sexting scandal a few years ago where most of the attention seeking girls in the school were giving our nasty nudes to any guy that would take them. Since Swansea is a ritzy town the scandal was covered up as quickly as possible and the girls given hugs and told to wait to they're older to start acting like such attention seeking hoes.
I wish I went to Joseph Case High School, it's not nearly as shitty as schools near by and the girls love to act like hoes and give out porn.
by hnoss March 06, 2017
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Joseph case junior high school is very unpleasant. If you attend this middle school you will fall into immediate depression I would like to inform everyone that bullying is 'not tolerated here'. Are vice principal may be the biggest bully you will ever meet. He looks like a thumb and says kiddo a lot. I feel extremely unrestful when he walks by me whistling the smurf song. The cops will whip you to the ground for anything.
Joseph case junior high school is the worst place you will ever go to if you go to any other school you are truly blessed.
by ih8mylife September 25, 2018
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An alright middle school that is so heavily exaggerated to be seen as this “unfair hellish prison”. Most people that complain about the school and say the staff are unfair are generally the type of people who don’t think twice about there actions. You can succeed if you really want to, it’s all in your motivation and if you’d rather sit around and cry, “ooooh nooo screw you mr. thumb head”, then I hate to break it to you, but maybe you’re doing something wrong if you end up staying after school daily because of your reluctant personality and your inability to behave yourself. ☕️
Dude bro 1: Joseph Case Junior High School isn’t that bad

by optimistic_pessimist March 02, 2019
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Joseph Case Jr. High is like an industrial shredder, but instead of crushing things, it eats self-esteem. The kids here are brutal, making fun of others left and right. In some cases, 'brutal' is an overstatement. There are a ton of playground insults thrown around, like "jerk" or "dummy". But let me tell you, these children are mature in an immature sort of way. They know super harsh words that they claim to use as jokes, like "whore" or "bastard". Now, that might not seem that aggressive, but imagine being in a so called "child friendly" place, surrounded by 11 and 12 year old's. There are some kids paying attention to the lesson, but it's mostly joking and talking. You look in the back to see that there are two kids bickering. You don't pay much mind to it, but then one of them calls out, "SLUT!", and laughs. The other kid is completely distraught. That isn't a situation that I'd like to be in. VISIT PART 2
Kid1: "hEy mAN, wANnA sEe mE sLAm mYSeLF iNtO thiS wiNdOw?!"
Kid2: "yEAh, bRO! LEtS gET tHis bREad!"
Joseph Case Jr High School PART 1
by urbanDictionaryAnon420 May 08, 2019
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Although there are some absolute idiots out there, not everyone's a prat. There are some really nice and polite kids out there, but don't be fooled to quickly. The moment you get to know (most) of them, they turn their back on you over something petty. There are girls that will argue over one stealing the other's boyfriend, and I'm telling you now, do NOT get involved with that. What's worse is that the trash talking and drama extends to the hallways. Picture this: You and your best friend have gym together, and on your way over, you approach a group of 8th graders. You pay no mind to them; everyone else in the hall is being crazy. But then, BOOM. You collide with the absolute towers of human beings. This goes for all grades, and even the tiny 6th graders do it. Speaking of hallways, including the collisions, it's COMPLETE CHAOS. The popular kids will slam themselves into, not only people, but doors, walls, tables, lockers, windows, etc. It's practically impossible to get to classes between the yelling, screaming like banshees, making odd noises, and screech-moaning. That's not even the half of it. There are kids who will hit you, and instead of retaliating, you go to a teacher. Guess what happens? Nothing. I'm not even going to start with Mr. Thumb Head. You've heard enough about him. All in all, run for your life, because that's the only way you'll survive here. Stay in vegetables, don't do school, and eat your drugs.
Lil girl1: "oH mY gOD yOu biTCh, yOu sToLE mY bF! uGh-
Lil girl2: "Ummmm... You guys broke up?"
Joseph Case Jr High School PART 2
by urbanDictionaryAnon420 May 08, 2019
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