Swansea is an old New England town that was burned by the Indians in 1675 but unfortunately rebuilt and still exists. Most of it seems to be located right on a major highway with lots of shitty stores and restaurants. The people of Swansea consider themselves affluent and smart but that's only because Swansea is next to the even shitty cities of Fall River and New Bedford. The town will frequently say that it's located right on the water but will neglect to say that water is the Taunton River which is polluted as hell. Swansea does have a nice town hall and library and a shitty school called Joseph Case High School that gave the town national headlines a few years ago when every girl in the school decided the only way they could get attention and get guys to like them is by passing out lots of really nasty porn and nudes of themselves. The slutty girls and stupid guys were yelled at and possible spanked by their mommy and daddies but nothing really happened and things are still the same.
The Indians had the right idea when they burned Swansea, Massachusetts, too bad they had to go and rebuild it.
by oceancats March 7, 2017
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A small, depressing town in the far Southeast corner of Massachusetts. It is not nice enough to be considered part of "The Cape" and not crappy enough to be considered a suburb of Fall River. It is incredibly poor and the public school system is under funded and embarassing. Best of all: it is too far from Boston for people from MAssachusetts to have heard of it and too "far" from Rhode Island for rhode Islanders to care about it.It should become its own country. There is an overwhelming Azorian Portuguese population.
If you grew up in Swansea, Massachusetts almost everywhere else you go will seem better and more intersting.
by Goldfish-Luvah September 17, 2008
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