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"Oh my god Jenna how was last night?"
"Well It hurts to sit... Let's just say he was a bit of a Joosh"
by Nickeldomer December 25, 2017
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A nickname for josh/joshua.A very fun loving and caring person.Looks innocent but is probably the dirtiest person you can ever meet.Acts dumb but is really smart inside and knows it.Has a great personality and enjoys many things like nature to technology.Looks young for his age and typically surrounds himself with woman and is sex obsessed.
Person:Who's that?
Friend:Thats joosh
Person:Why is he in highschool he looks like a 5th grader?
Friend:Hes older than us.
by Jewels Gazelle November 22, 2016
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To be used when a douche goes above and beyond the call of douchedom. A combination of josh and doooosh.
guy 1: that guy has a face i just want to punch

guy 2: yea, hes such a joosh
by ninjachronic May 13, 2010
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