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shalom i used joogle to look at pictures of goyms and bagels
by A N O N Y M O O S E December 22, 2016
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To take a word, statement or phrase that is not perverted and present it as being perverted by the tone of your voice.
for example the statement "Lets go in the back door" could be joogled by simply by putting emphasis on the word back.
by Josh Turnage August 23, 2007
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To use Google to repeatedly search for bargains and cut rate items, without all the haggling and kevetching.

I needed a new dreidl, so I Joogled one and got it for only a dollar and free media mail delivery. Oy!

Phil is so tight he Joogle's his sneakers so he doesn't have to poy sales tax.
by bostonjay October 03, 2007
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A quite typically popular yet derogatory name for "Google", due to being owned and controlled by Russian Jews.
Joogle are f**ked, they literally changed the algorithm when searching for "White couple" to show mongrels and blacks with primarily White women, and White men are also adulterated in turn, and most other so-called "search engines" are also doing the same crap. It's not a search engine, it's a Jewish propaganda machine designed to manipulate and pollute the minds of our kindred, to ultimately wipe out the White race through passive White geNOcide. The fact the Jews have created websites trying to typically deceptively re-purpose this common slang online, from Joogle to (((Wiki)))pedia and likely here also, speaks volumes. The scum openly boast their manipulation in the now current TOS, and they like all enemies of our race, will ultimately fail.
by AryanCrusader July 22, 2018
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to jiggle "the goods". interpretation of "the goods" is left up to the user, which is why "joogle" is such a versatile word! However, it is most often used in a sexual manner, referring to the act of handling someone.
Tarikha: "Damn, my shirt is really low-cut. Hope no one tries to joogle me at the club - i'll kick their ass!"
by irsmart January 07, 2010
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