A large predatory mammal, preferring to hunt younger prey (under 20 years old), but known to take down larger, older beasts in desperation.
Hide your daughters, there's a Jonks in the loose.
by zzabc February 5, 2010
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Another word for jokes or kidding. Often used with lots of expression. Created by NathenSama
by nSama March 28, 2010
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To Jonk. Posing for a photograph while presenting an intoxicated, unconscious person with great enthusiasm and fanfare. Good form and proper etiquette dictate that while the intoxicated party need not be known to the Jonker, the Jonkee should not be homeless or injured.

Not unlike planking, the practice is meant as a good-natured meme.
There were so many passed out tourists at Oktoberfest, I took pleasure in jonking all of them!
by jezzandmark September 8, 2011
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To be jonked is to be knocked out for a really long time. Normally from a big meal such as a free range chickens or maybe alcohol
Ms Chimutwi had too much free-range chicken and got jonked out from 16:30pm to 5:00am.
by AbuComingFast March 20, 2021
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A “state of being” induced by any substance that alters the state of your physical and/or psychological function. This adjective is only applicable to substances that have been stigmatized (does NOT apply to alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, despite their medical categorization to be considered drugs). This can be amplified with a nicotine head rush (i.e. borrow that one friend’s vape)

This word is often used in place of more “general” language to specify that one is THOROUGHLY inebriated.

If you imagine that music during sobriety is 2-dimensional, then music while jonked is 3-dimensional where you can hear all the layers and instruments of the songs separately from one another. Some song suggestions for when you’re jonked: Past Life by Børns, Foreplay by Jalen Santoy, Lucy by Still Woozy, and 100 Grandkids by Mac Miller

A common experience of being jonked without external stimuli (no phones, just vibes) may be cases of deep introspective metacognition. You begin to understand yourself and the world from a deeper and more meaningful place, but at the same time, feel so disconnected from reality because there is too much to ever understand.

Although your higher thinking is amplified, your mental ability to perform basic thinking will be impacted. You (or one specific friend) may often forget little things like someone’s cellphone or the tv remote in odd places resulting in long quests to search for the missing object.

One may also say “you are REALLY HiGH” (with lowercase i)
Joah, Nera, and Her are JONKED to the moon and back
by pokemon-go_player42069 March 7, 2020
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Owned plz, One who is owning people, one who can shove arrows through your ass.
Liek OMFG Jonk is chasing me through the wildy kicking my ass!!!
by Insulin March 13, 2005
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