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all those actresses that after making pathetic roles in Disney movies, end up getting naked or doing something "whoreish" as a sign of desperation and mental corruption from Disney.

also referred as Disney-hoe, disney hoe, disney-ho, disney-ho', disney-hoe', disney-whore
Cacha: "Dude! i saw a picture of Hannah Montana sucking someones dick!"
Alo: "Shes is one bitch-ass motherfuckin' Disney whore"
by alonsoroman March 17, 2009
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Sometimes reffered to as a 'Disney Princess,' due to the fact that a Disney Whore's situation is often considered a gross distortion of the 'Cinderella Story.' A Disney Whore is a young actor or actress who signs on with the Disney Corperation, and ends up somehow having their own tv show, pop album, and series of bad made-for-tv movies, and built-in fanbase of very impressionable and very stupid young children. The 'golden age' of the Disney Whore began simultaniously with the release of High School Musical and Hannah Montana, which launched the careers of several well-known Disney Whores and spawned several knock-offs. A Disney Whore can be either male or female.
Miley Cyrus: Queen of the Disney Whores
The Jonas Brothers: Her Ladies in Waiting
Zac Efron: King of Disney Whores
Ashley Tisdale: The Ugly Stepsister
Vag Hudgens: The Even Uglier Stepsister
Selena Gomez: Who now?
Demi Levato: Aw, at this point, fuck it!
by redmisery May 23, 2010
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A Disney star, (presumably one from Disney Channel), who has been overly abused
to star in t.v. shows,Disney Channel movies, toys, etc. At first, they are
literally raped everyday by the Disney Corporation. But soon they become a whore
and just take it up in the butt daily by the Devil with the mouse ears.
Disney Whores:
Zac Effron
Miley Cyrus
The Jonas Queers- I mean Brothers
Those who have escaped:
Shia LaBeouf
Hilary Duff
Lindsay Lohan
Raven Simone (hopefully

by Anthony Burgos February 23, 2009
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