The name Jonah comes from the ancient Hebrew word meaning Dove. The white dove is a symbol of peace. A white dove carrying an olive branch or twig is a symbol of extending the hand of friendship and offering to make peace.
Therefore the name Jonah or a Jonah is actually traditionally referring to a bringer of peace . The story of Jonah appears in the Bible, it is a story about a man who undergoes deep personal transformation and learns to put others before himself. The story has been misinterpreted by some who did not understand the deeper moral to the story of Jonah , causing a misuse of the name in some colloquial contexts. Modern people generally do not observe negative definitions and the name has become popular again in the 21sr century.
Jonah is a good friend
by Prof November 29, 2016
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Jonah is the most amazing guy you could ever talk to or meet. He will make you laugh for hours on end. He's wonderful but doesn't believe it when you tell him so. He has awesome eyes and hair. He is very good looking but it probably a little too modest about it. He's so smart and loves to share random facts with others. He's a major bookworm. He is very sweet and nice but notice how sweet he actually is. The thought of never talking to him again crushes your heart.
Jenny: I'm so in love with him!
Sarah: what's he like?
Jenny: he's a Jonah!
Sarah: wow never let him go!
by Awkwardness:P August 09, 2011
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A savage sagittarius whom is pleased by only the dankest and spiciest memes and only listens to real music like the song "Take On Me"Of by A-ha
Jonah is always talking about memes.
by MemeQueen41285 April 02, 2017
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a loving and caring boyfriend who will do anything for his girlfriend. he has brown to black color shifting hair and adorable brown eyes, he’s muscular and a sweetheart but tries not to show it unless your his friend or significant other
Jonah is such a sweetheart
Jonah would make a he best boyfriend
by alicia-rylie October 22, 2019
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A normally shy and introverted person who keeps his feeling locked inside, and you never really see much interesting about him until you try to get to know him, and when he trusts you, he WON’T shut up. Jonah is the kind of guy who loves memes and funny stuff in general. He always mixes up words or doesn’t think ahead of time before he speaks, usually ending up in a weird jumble of words. He is also extremely clumsy.
Person 1 : Jonah just spilled an entire carton of milk on himself...

Person 2 : that’s just Jonah.
by Iwanttodiehelp June 23, 2018
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Jonah is a wonderful and a truely perfect person. Though he may seem out going, he is a very calm and introvertive person when with the person he truly loves. He is a very loyal and sweet person to be with. He isn't afraid to be honest and is very mature around his elders. He won't leave you alone if you are upset or mad at him or others. He cares so much about the person he loves and will do anything to keep them safe and loved. He is a soft person towards his family but isn't afraid to fight for the people he loves. He won't hesitate to stand up against someone if they hurt their friends or loved ones.
Person1:I heard you have a Jonah!

Person2:I do and I'll never let him go! I love him!!
by PIKACHU 78 November 19, 2018
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