Jonah is the fiercest guy you could ever meet or get the chance to speak with. He will make you laugh for hours. He's lovely & magnetic but doesn't believe it when you tell him so.
He has incredible hair and beautiful eyes. He is very good looking but it probably a little too modest about it. He's so smart and loves to share random facts with others. He's a natural calming soul. He is charming and sweet.
However, don't mistake his kindness for weakness. He is very intuitive and once he realizes negative or shade he can and will let you know exactly what he is thinking and is cunning and sharp with his words. He is the most loyal & fun person you will ever know as long as its mutual.
Wow, look at that fierce guy! Oh, it must be a Jonah.
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by Urban212 September 05, 2018
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has smol balls but makes up with a giant pipe
jonah is good for anal
by Jonah101 August 14, 2019
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Very loving guy. You will never meet anyone else like him. He will always pick you up when you're down. He is very trustworthy. Very lovable and sweet. A great guy to talk to about anything that's on your mind. Any girl that gets him is very lucky. Never let go of a guy like him. Keep him with you at all times.
by WDW Limelight July 04, 2019
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he is the sweetest and cutest boy you will ever meet! he always picks you up when your down! he says a lot of bad things about himself but none of them are true! he is the most genuine guy you will ever meet and you’ll never wanna lose him ever! he is destined to be with an alayna!
person 1: aren’t you dating jonah
alayna: ya i love him
person 1: your so lucky he’s so sweet
alayna: i know right
by mehoe November 04, 2019
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Usually a pussy, but has some of the best memes you can find.
Jonah won’t do the job but he’ll get the memes instead.
by Wowidbns July 01, 2019
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