really awesome and intelligent with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. Really hot and attractive.
Just a simply perfect guy.
Tommy-Omg i wish i was him

Jo-Ya me too he's such a Jonah
by gymnast girl 101 April 28, 2016
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A boy who can be very awkward or calm. At first look they can be someone you won’t want to be around, but after a while they can become best friends with you. They are big talkers and normally tell the truth. They are very organized all the time! They dream above and beyond of what they want to be! They are always happy, even in tough decisions. They don’t get treated nicely compared to others. He always tries something new and can be a highlight of your day!
“Jonah is so cool! Let’s hang with him sometime.”
by A Boys Name June 19, 2019
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A dated 1950's slang term for a cool guy. This slang term is pretty extinct these days, and it's pretty unknown how this term came to be.
He's a real cool Jonah! - from 1952 industrial short "A Young Man's Fancy"
by Jonah Falcon September 17, 2005
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A Jonah is a rare person to come by, they are very kind, considerate, funny, and most would say hot. A Jonah is sexy af and you'd be lucky to have one in your life.
Girl: I just met the most amazing boy!
Other Girl: Really? Who?
Girl: His name is Jonah, He's extremely hot
Other Girl: OHHH! HIM?!?!? HE"S MR. UNIVERSE
Girl: Imma go pull a Jonah on him.
by TheMysteriousPersonYouDontKnow September 24, 2019
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Proof that Jesus approves of vore.
Person 1: Wow! I sure love reading the bible!I
Person 2: Especially Jonah, my favorite story.
by SwagnessintheBagness November 27, 2019
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a cool ass mutha fucka.
likes to have a good time all day, every day.
a person who pretty rad, but can be a dumbass at times.
by worrrrrrrrrdddd. November 23, 2009
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