John Mark Karr is a 41 year old man that says he murdered Jonbenet Ramsey in 1996. He was in the process of a sex change and he walks around like he is in a trance when he was arrested in Thailand. Some say that things don't add up and he is doing this to get attention because he is writing a book about the Ramsey case. Others think that he is in fact the killer based on the initials S.B.T.C. used on the ransom note that was left by the killer. John Mark Karr wrote "I Shall Be The Conqueror" in a female friend's high school yearbook with is linked with those initials. John Mark Karr is a pedofile that gets off by child porn and faces charges in California for it. He was married to underage girls in the 1980's and 1990's. His last wife divorced him after he was caught with child porn on his computer. She hates him but she says that he was with her during the Christmas of 1996 and couldn't have been in Colorado. Karr worked in real estate before, and has been a teacher for the last 10 years since the Jonbenet Ramsey murder took place. Probably so he could be close to the kids. He has been released from many of his postions because of compliants from parents and the schools. In the years since is child porn days in 2001, he has left America and traveled around the world probably in embarrassment and to look at child porn on international computers where he won't get caught. In Thailand, where he was found, it isn't unordinary for children to be sold to pedofiles to have sex with. He just got a new teaching position there a few days before his arrest. Karr has been giving out information easily to police. On his flight back to America, they treated him like a king and gave him wine, chocolate, and shrimp to keep him happy and keep the information coming out of his mouth. He said that he was with Jonbenet Ramsey when she died, also that it was an accident that she died, and that he loved her. These words are spoken like a true pedofile. He loved her? Umm k. As of now, time will only tell whether he is the murderer of Jonbenet Ramsey or he is just trying to get get attention for the book he was writing.
John Mark Karr is a pedofile, converted shemale, possible murderer, substitute teacher, zombie, weirdo, writer, and wedding singer.
by Dave06 August 21, 2006