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noun: a fucked up store that has everything made in indonesia and hires illegal immigrants all the while putting up with rednecks ghettos and those loser kids from the gay commercials. in business land wal-mart is the faggit who somehow has everything and is rushed everyday

verb: to get ruined and replaced by someone with 1/3 the quality and who is cheap as hell
1. henrique and jose cleaned up the wal-mart while helping shaniqua and tyrone find shirts with dragons and flames on it

2. guy 1: poor kid...

guy 2: what happened?

guy 1: bobby got wal-mart'd by tht fag alfonso

guy 2: ouch..
by gfhfghtjt August 18, 2006

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a beauty pageant queen who was brutally murdered on boxing day 1996 at 6 years old in her home in boulder colorado. this mystery was a cold case until a decade later john mark karr a former schoolteacher confessed to killing jonbenet and was arrested
john mark karr: i killed jonbenet ramsey

guy: beats the crap out of him

john: im getting yur daughter next assholle
by gfhfghtjt August 18, 2006

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