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A girl I used to work with at SilverCity whose ass was so big we called her couch ass, or sofa ass. Ahe had an ass you could sit on. We could never get by her at the candy bar, and always had to go all the way around the other way because her couch ass took up the entire aisle.
Couch ass was stocking the fridges with Gatorade, and I nearly sat on her, pulled her arm, and reclined on her like a La-Z-Boy.
by uncle_class January 27, 2004
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The degree of ineptitude which a country's military displays. Usually defined as number of casualties that said army suffers after the country's leader delares that war is over.
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being completely bungled, America's USability in Iraq has been about a 100,000.
by uncle_class January 26, 2004
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1) Any "get together" of human primates where alcohol is involved, and there is a nearly complete lack of female human primates.

2) More generally, a social gathering that the person using the term does or did not find pleasurable.
This expression was conceived on the patio of a bar in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada called "Cactus Pete's". A friend of the inventor's commented that this bar sucked, and why did we always go there? The inventor of the word (henceforth referred to as me), exclaimed, "Yeah, this place is a sausage fest. No, wait, it's worse. This is, like, a sausage factory, where they manufacture the meatiest and juiciest sausages, like Johnsonville Brauts!...This place is fucking Johnsonville!"
by uncle_class January 26, 2004
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An uncontrollable urge to defecate. (Syn. the hershey squirts)
"I just released a hellish urine-like stream of brown refuse from my colon."
"You must have the Ds
by uncle_class January 26, 2004
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