1) A drugged out dumbass who can’t accept ANY responsibility for ANYTHING they do.

2) Useless as dogshit
Captain just got busted again and is headed back to prison,, what a John Brown he is.
by Old Wise E May 17, 2022
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(always emphasized in a low tone)

1. A stranger acting or who could be acting in a morally questionable way. (After Civil War figure)
2. Simply a stereotypical person that you are or feel like being suspicious of for whatever reason.
1. “Check out this John Brown handing out his business cards to the people in line on Black Friday for his legal services in case an injury occurs. Like are you serious here?!?”
Stay here and guard this pile of broken electronics in case some John Brown decides to take it upon himself to recycle them for us. You never know...”
2. “Look at this John Brown walking down the street with his groceries like he’s got nothing to do. I see you. -.-“
by shaggymorphism October 28, 2021
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brown noser, ass kisser, a snitch, office rat, an opportunist, fake friend, user, preys on friends
Upper management has been trying to fire him from the start, but in order to save his position he ratted on his team lead who tried to save him. That is a John Brown Nose.
by Eaton Cummins May 4, 2016
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A John Brown is when you go to Harpers Ferry and jump in the water were the Shenendoah and the Potomic rivers meet each other. Swim out to the center of this intersection and take off all your clothes. Next, you jump out of the water and yell, "JOHN BROWN!" thus exposing yourself to the three states of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia all at the same time.
"Me and my buddy got on either side of a woman in a raft and John Browned her. She didnt even see us coming!"
by A John Browner July 27, 2006
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Having a family member related to you in more than one way.
"That boy right there is my cousin-nephew."
"What kind of John Brown shit is that?"
by Hockeyfan28 August 11, 2009
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the newest white rapper to be on the scene, he has mad talent, and great flows, he is an entity, not a rapper (per say), He was on the white rapper show, and is very good looking, Known for saying "hallelujah holla back" and saying "ghetto revival"...
John Brown lost to $hamrock on "The White Rapper Show" but has gone WAY farthest than $hamrock...
by sunshine_at_midnite April 7, 2008
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A stereotypical fictional Yorkshire lad who has a very strong accent. His favorite food is 'doner meat pizza' and his favorite pastime is going for a drink at the Bay Horse Pub. His full name is Johnathan Peterson Brown and he is most often used as an alias in a prank phone call. Also, he is related to "Joe Bloggs".
(on the phone)
Curry Dude: Hello, this is Marsh Curry House, how may I help you, sir?
"John Brown" (You in a Yo'kshire accent): 'Ello there mate, i'll 'ave a doner meat pizza please.
Curry Dude: Certainly sir! May I take your name sir?
John Brown: Yesh, it's Johnathan Peterson Brown, mate.
by Zany_Zebra July 11, 2011
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