A wrestler-rapper. Currently WWE Champion. Was drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft Lottery 2005. Very famous especially among the female fans. Has his 2 championship belts spinning. A hulkamaniac...
John Cena is the next Hulk Hogan!
by demontears03 August 05, 2005
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One of the worlds gretest wrestlers alongside with The Rock and Hulk Hoganan.He's an American professional wrestler and rap music artist, currently performing for World Wrestling Entertainment on the RAW brand. He is, and should be, the one and only WWE Champion.After graduating from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts where he earned a degree in exercise physiology and became a team captain and earned All-American honors.After moving to California he joined Gold's Gym and trained 90 hours a week!!! After working his way up through the ranks he finally made his debut with WWE in 2002, also an amazing rapper he is definitly going to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame.
If you listened to John Cena's songs or watched one of his matches (especially Wrestlemania 22) you will why I'm his biggest fan!
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Where's he been?
Who's John Cena?
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by Kms.net December 17, 2017
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John Cena is both a famous wrestler and meme, in my guess probably the TOP meme there is out there.

If someone says "and his name is" someone might make a joke and say "JOHN CENA!!!" in reference to the meme.
Hello everybody! today i have my #1 fan and his name is Fan: JOHN CENA!!!!
by Seum FTW May 26, 2016
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A god. A good Oman. The most powerful and beautiful man on this earth.
Blessed my soul! I just saw John Cena. I just witness the most beautiful and glorious man in this world. He even walks like a god.
by Megatron2530 May 29, 2016
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