I will cena, and win the match.
by OldKai January 22, 2008
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The last name of John Cena.
A wrestler from WWE, and also a living meme.
by TheRealHummusMaster November 21, 2015
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(n.) A disgusting act normally performed as a twisted prank where the perpetrator places his navel lint inside the nose of the unsuspecting victim as he/she is sleeping. Causing the victim to sneeze and spreading the smell throughout their mucus and taste in their saliva.

A close relation to the even more disgusting Hitler.
My so-called friend Cena'd me, causing me to feel like it has been shoved down my throat and leaving me with a horrible taste in my mouth.
by Oatseeder July 11, 2008
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When you are about to witness something amazing, like, someone's face is revealed, someone is about to be killed, some hot female babe is about to remove her clothing, but before this happens, a video of John Dena's theme song will appear and you will continue to feel depressed.
Guy 1: so someone died in the new Walking dead episode.
Guy 1: *whips out his phone and the John cena theme starts playing*
by UrbanSinOfWrath March 13, 2016
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WWE superstar John Cena's alter ego of sorts. When John Cena gets the hell beat out of him during a match, in ways by all means a normal human being would be in coma he forms into Super Cena. In which he gets pumped up and is invincible to pain and then hits the dreaded "5 Moves of Doom" which is apparently more powerful than getting hit with any foreign object.

Super Cena is damn near unstoppable.
John Cena got DDT'd on the concrete, hit in the back with a chair, then put thru the Spanish announce table. However, all is that is for naught because he switched into Super Cena and no sold all of that, to win the match.
by Lil Jimmy Gon Get Got October 28, 2011
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John Cena!!! Boww wow wow wooooow boww wow wow wooooow
by UrbanJustMeansMlg February 19, 2016
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