sed to sum1 wen u wont to tel them to fuck off.instead of sayin jog on
"jus go jog"
"who dont u jus go and jog!"
by amey March 27, 2005
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A legendary really hot guy. You’d give this nickname to a guy named josh. He is very charming and incredibly Funny
Person one: Look over there, who’s that Stud Muffin{ who’s making that girl laugh

Person two: that’s just Jogs
by Chad Wick 69 December 16, 2018
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Man your jog is so annoying.
Your jog bites my leg every time I come over.
by Jakeli words April 21, 2016
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Jewish Occupied Government (ie, the United States). See also ZOG.
the JOG government sent more money to israel
by zaog December 3, 2004
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Jogging- the sexual act of arm pit sex (see pitting) while the arm is in running motion; done to add a little bit more friction for your significant other.
Tom: “Bro last night Stacy pitted me in her car!”

Brad: “Did Ol’ Faithful erupt dude?”

Tom: “Yeah man once she started jogging for me.”
by Bubooska May 1, 2019
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jogging......apperently you just run for a certain distance....its suppeso to be WILD!!!
me and veronica are trying this new fad called jogging.
by snafargaling March 20, 2008
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