jog is an Acronym for Jerk off good.
I am going to jog a lot tonight.
by joging man April 2, 2009
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Libz: What yuu doinn ?
Mel: Nutin Jus Jogging

Libz: Wt Yuu Bin On?
Mel: Nutin Jus Jogged In Claires Acc.

by Si... February 6, 2008
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What yuppies do early in the morning to stay in shape.
Brad and Fred are going to jog in Central Park tomorrow.
by Truth hurts March 11, 2003
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If you don't like me or something I'm doing well it's best you JOG ON
by Steele11 January 30, 2017
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something or someone that is bad
"fuck off man, he's jog"

"i aint doin that man, that's jog"
by hargecarn May 30, 2009
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derived from Football Factory, a term used to tell a fellow human to hurry about his/her task
(a)what shall i do about that dinlow who put the lillies in wiv the crysanths boss?
(b)well Jog on and get it sorted soppy bollocks!
by Boogie Pimp September 28, 2004
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The word jog can be used to say one is going to smoke.

You want to go on a jog.
Lets go on a drive and jog.
by floridabum3 January 15, 2008
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