Joe Joe is an inspiration to others. He is smart, funny, lovable, and has an incredible warm heart. He tends to be hard on himself and enjoys being in solitude as well as being with his friends. He is incredibly outgoing and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. If you ask anyone about Joe Joe they wouldn't be able to tell you a bad story about him. Joe Joe is generous and when you meet him it is hard to forget him or his name. Joe Joe has a contagious smile that will spread onto you.
Have you met Joe Joe? I can't get him out of my mind!
by smarty...smartypants November 11, 2019
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Is a guy that goes to school with some great people, really really great people. I cant remember how the name came about but it has stuck with me for the past 3 years and sure it probably always will.HEY EMMA
by Joe_Joe March 13, 2012
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Golden Wind.

"Joe Joe Golden Wind" is the lyrics to Giorno's theme, Il Vento Doro. Giorno's true identity is Martin Luther, who had a dream.
by Suzushina Yuriko May 11, 2020
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1) completely random, crazy, insane with a sense of humor, a large penis, enjoys outdoors.
2) a way to describe something
1)that kid is such a joe-joe,

2)i dont know how to do this the right way ill just pull a joe-joe
by bond007 February 20, 2012
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Waking up with another guy naked just wearing a t-shirt and one sock
Dude you were so fucked up you did the Joe-Joe and didn't even remember
by Atwoin March 24, 2007
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Another name for crack cocaine...
one joe = to $20
Get the Joe Joe's from the car.
I got some Joe's left.
by RockRock February 16, 2009
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