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Is a guy that goes to school with some great people, really really great people. I cant remember how the name came about but it has stuck with me for the past 3 years and sure it probably always will.HEY EMMA
There is only one Joe Joe
by Joe_Joe March 13, 2012
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dopest dopester in the world!nahh kidding.but he is kinda awesome and funny.maybe a little lame but u gotta love u some joejoe
by ohhhitsheragain October 11, 2009
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1) completely random, crazy, insane with a sense of humor, a large penis, enjoys outdoors.
2) a way to describe something
1)that kid is such a joe-joe,

2)i dont know how to do this the right way ill just pull a joe-joe
by bond007 February 20, 2012
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