A women whom you thought was attractive, and frequently made knuckle babies to, until you realized she was indeed a lesbian - and the attraction wears off.
Tevin: Hey bro, so...did you fire off some man torpedos to Gina last night?

Bro: Naw Tevin, turned out she was a real Jodie Foster...my life is ruined.

Tevin: Probably.
by tedwilli9 July 27, 2008
The "Jodie Foster" or "Jodie" is a slang term for Manhattan's Lower East Side. So called because the neighborhood's frequently used initials also sound out a slang term for lesbian, of which the "Silence of the Lambs" star is one of the most iconic.
"Hey, there's this party on the Jodie tonight, you down?"

"Isn't Jamawl from Bed-Stuy?"
"Nah, he's from the Jodie Foster"
by Nom Chompsky September 29, 2009
One of the best actors out there, and one of the few childstars that actually made it as adults as well. She has won two Oscars.
Ellen: Wow, man, Jodie Foster is the best actor ever! She deserved the other two Oscars she was nominated for, dontcha think?
Erik: Uh, yeah, I guess so.
by Weird El March 29, 2020
When you vomit into your partners anus, causing them to defecate their fecal matter as well as your own puke back onto your face.
After sex, my girl screamed, "give me a Jodie Foster!"
by Reach Around Sundae June 2, 2009
She is a beautiful woman and a very intelligent woman. She carries herself well. Her smile is unexplainably adorable.
Did you hear about Jodie Foster?
Yeah, she is hella hot and looks so young despite her age?! How?! Is she an angel!?
by t00c00lforscho00l July 23, 2022
A group of friends bang a whore you dont like on a pinball machine like in the movie the accused.
Kelly is such a bitch we should do a Jodie Foster on her..
by sniperv2 February 28, 2009
The creepiest Bitch ever to roam this soil.

Nell-That is all you need to know(its a jodie foster movie)

what your cooch looks like after sexual relations with green rag
by Hull's Ass 2 February 28, 2009