A male who has dedicated his life to sports but he really sucks at them and never gets anywhere.

1. He usually wears a baseball cap backwards just to look cool and they are rarely seen without the cap.

2. Drinks a lot of beer because the only way they can interact with people is when they are completely wasted.

3. Usually has not much to talk about except how drunk he got the night before and had penises drawn on his face. Also talks a lot about how many women he's slept with (one-night-stand of course).

4. Usually on steroids tryin to impress the ladies...or dudes.

5. Plays a lot of homosexual games such as grabbing other dudes' crotches but claiming that he is straight.

6. They usually have their ears pierced or have some sort of lame tattoo that they always brag about.

7. They start their day with alcohol and finish their night with alcohol and end up passing out at some random place.

8. They crave attention so much they would probabily suck a dick just to get people's attention.

9. They love giving other jocks high-fives for any lame thing that happens.
A jock talking to other jocks: "Dude I got so wasted last night and I fucked a chick and then passed out in the street. Ended up getting raped by a homeless dude!!"

other jocks:"sweet dude!" *high-fives*
by inshadow4 June 5, 2009
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A Man.
A Real Man, Alpha Male, Lord over the weak, is always the Best at His Sports, always gets the last Word, and is ALWAYS Right!
Jock: "hey homo, time to gimmie my homework, better get an A, faggot!"
gay: "yes Sir, Thank You for the Honor, Sir!"
Jock: "That's a good faggot, meet me after school at the field house, I'm gonna give you a swirley and make you eat my disgusting football practice jockstrap."
by jocksniffer June 18, 2022
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Someone who thinks they can do whatever they want because they learned some boxing/wrestling and gained a six pack. Also, they wear American Eagle and think they can bang any chick they want.
Jocks ALWAYS lose to Martial Artists in fights
by WCMetalhead September 7, 2010
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A Jock is one of 23 social classes that are found in most High schools. They share similarities to the Douchebag and Athlete classes. To be classified as a Jock, they must compete/participate in a sport, however the amount of a skill a Jock actually has at said sport doesn't matter. A Jock must also derive a sense of superiority from playing said sport.

Jocks, unlike Douchebags, will more often ignore/exclude others as opposed to assault them directly. This is most likely because the Jock thinks that he has ascended to a higher plane of existence, and he need not bother with the common folk.

Jocks often seek out relationships based on: Outward appearance, popularity, and willingness to have sex.
"When the Jocks would go to the showers, I could actually hear the stupidity pinging off the walls."
by LetsClearThingsUp February 8, 2015
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An arrogant retarded male who's brain is the size of a sour grape. They laugh at their own jokes, go to tanning booths, and get asian symboled tatoos on the upper bicep that they dont even know the meaning of. They travel in packs and degrade any other human being that isn't into sports or tags along in they're fake social image. Attractive women flock to they're presence because of they're facade wealthy image they get from mooching off they're parents. But as time goes by, these are the guys who end up washing cars and picking up road kill on Route 66. A useless and horrible excuse of a human being. Souless and Narrow Minded bastards. Borderline mentally challenged.
"Wow that girl is beautiful"
"Dont even try man."
"Cause you dont treat women like shit while walking around in your never washed football jersey."
"Oh you mean im not a jock?"
"Ah ok."
by cinemasaver May 4, 2009
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A jock is someone that enjoys ravaging other jocks that are all sweaty and dirty on a field. They like to then take a group shower with there fellow jock friends and play little faggot games with them by slapping their ass with a towel, while saying the phrase "Good game!" Jocks also like to show how tuff they are by picking on the smallest guy in the school. "Wow that really takes courage to pick on a guy like that!" Jocks are also immature assholes that can only insult you, if he has his other 6 friends with him to back him up. They also brag about all the shit they have in life that is better then everyone else., And they like to date all the girls that have every STD ever discovered. But in the end, when you grow up and go to a fast food restaurant or a grocery store, you will see them being your bitch, like bagging your groceries or making you food.
by moshpitgod December 11, 2009
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The guy that saved Indiana Jones in the first of the Indy movies. Hada pet snake named Reggie, who later got thrown out of the plane. He saved Indy with his hydroplane.

Jock: I'm goin'!
by jrriojase October 4, 2009
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