The Creator of the Cracked "Halo: Combat Evolved" version which allows install without a CD or Serial. His Newest release includes the FTW Map Mod Pack, which makes Halo PC look even cooler than it is.
"Hey man, I just bought Halo: Combat Evolved. The maps look awful."

"I got the one from Souless. The maps, weapons and vehicles are all pimped out! Sucks for you, my man!"
by jday1529 January 4, 2009
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An online Wrestler in the league TXW which is A demonic angel that choose between life and Death
Souless a hell raiser in TXW
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Girl: That souless bitch! God, she's so cruel.
Girl 2: Meaghan?
Girl: Meaghan.
by CuteeeeeeBlonde August 12, 2009
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A nickname for Sam Winchester in Season 6 when he was found out to be souless when pulled out of hell (The Cage) His soul was eventually put back by Death.
1) Imagine souless sam was in a room with Mark of Cain Dean and Crazy Castiel.
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its howw your soull is whenn your a jerkk monkeyy lmao
haki saidd simones had a souless banana because she was a jerk monkey for not invitin him to the water event at the park overr springg breakk .
by simmie harris April 10, 2010
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A girl named Kristen Rogers who is beautiful and amazing as hell but will feed on the tears and fears .
Me : The other day Kristen asked me out and sent me a heart jut to tell me it was a typo because of her fingers .
Friend : she Is a souless savage
by Exceptnotatall January 16, 2017
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